Industrial application
Industrial touch screen monitor

PromptControl offers industrial-strength touchscreen and touchmonitor solutions. Our touch displays are ruggedized and reliable enough to be implemented in demanding industrial environments where dust and liquids are prevailing.


Industrial touch screen solutions

Industry occurs in many settings and conditions and PCT projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screens can prepare your product for:

· Water · Rough use · Sunlight · Noise Interference · Extreme weather

PCT touch solutions achieve superior performance in industrial applications through powerful functionality:

· Advanced water handling.IP65

· Thick cover lenses meet IEC IK8, IK9, and IK10 standards.

· Anti-UV, Low Reflective designs.

· Passes EMC standard.

· Cutting edge frequency-hopping algorithm.

· System Reference function and glove support.

· Simultaneously enabled in one firmware.


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