Touchscreen Signage


PCT Interactive Digital Touch screen Signage

An all-in-one touchscreen system offers a complete signage solution that is easy to implement. It combines the computer’s system components and the computer enclosure into the monitor. Save time and money with a single unit touchscreen digital signage system for a rapid installation.


PCT support Commercial digital signage and industrial signage series

We support customized these sizes: 21.5" 24" 32" 43" 55" 65" 75" 86" 98" inch. <

Commercial digital signage with a rugged design to withstand constant use and 24/7 operation. Our commercial signage series is ideal for meeting room signage, information terminals, smart lockers, production line human machine interfaces(HMI) and digital signage systems for various environments.

The industrial signage series is built to withstand the most harsh and demanding environments.

They come with an anti-corrosion aluminum or stainless steel enclosure and scratch resistant glass and can operate in high heat high humidity environments.

Ideal for kitchen display systems, lab equipment HMI, and as an access controls system.


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